About Us

Formed in 1991, 941362 Ontario Inc. (dba Onward Computer Systems) is based in Burlington with sales & service coverage spanning the GTA and SouthWestern Ontario. Onward Computer Systems is a member in good standing with the Burlington, Oakville and Guelph Chambers of Commerce.

Our Mission

“Onward Computer Systems seeks to be the trusted technology partner of small and medium sized businesses. We will do this by providing businesses with simple, affordable and reliable technology solutions that help increase sales, reduce costs, and improve communications.”

Our Vision

“Onward Computer Systems is a professional organization whose purpose is to deliver reliable, high quality IT solutions and excellent customer service to the businesses we partner with. We have an overriding commitment to our customers’ success and view client service and satisfaction as fundamental to all our successful long-term business partnerships.”

Onward has three focus areas designed to service the needs of small and mid-market businesses as well as the educational and government sectors:

Our IT solutions are created using superior quality hardware, software and cloud services. We have allied ourselves with the top vendors in the industry. In all cases we have joined vendor partner programs and achieved various levels of certification when applicable. This results in our ability to receive higher levels of technical support as well as advanced notice of new products and services. In return, we can provide you with better levels of service. We are pleased to provide you with all your hardware, software and support requirements.

Our key vendor partners are: Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, BitDefender, Datto, WatchGuard and Intel. Onward is also a proud member of Trust X Alliance, the industries premier group of IT providers with over 340 members worldwide. To learn more about our partnerships, click here.

OCS offers a full range of managed IT services such as pre-sale consulting, implementation and post–sale support. We offer on-site as well as remote support, and our service depot can perform hardware break/fix and configuration services.

With our OCS Premier IT Support Plans, you no longer need to deal with day-to-day network administration. You can focus your efforts where they will impact your organization the most, while Onward ensures the reliable operation of your core IT infrastructure. As well, we collaborate with you to provide a forward-looking IT strategy to ensure smooth operational efficiencies.

Our installation and support experience ranges from individual systems to complete network solutions for corporate customers. We back all of our products with a commitment to service that truly puts the customer first. Learn more about our service offerings click here.

In some cases, an on-premise hardware and software installation is not the right solution. Onward has various Internet-based hosted services (also known as Cloud Services) available to our clients to resolve these situations. Our hosted solutions range from secure file sharing and collaboration, email archiving and continuity services, on-line backups, spam blocking and virus filtering to the ability to access, view, and edit documents directly from your web browser.

To learn more about our Cloud Service offerings click here.

At OCS, our main goal is to develop ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is emphasized through our personalized service.

Our Environmental Commitment

“Onward Computer Systems is very conscious of the worldwide problem of electronic waste. An unfortunate side effect of the growing IT industry is the increase in electronic waste which requires proper and safe disposal. OCS has made it company policy to reduce our effect on the environment in 3 different ways:

  • OCS recommends products that not only deliver on reliability but have a reduced environmental impact in every phase of their life cycle, from their development and production, to their use and disposal. Power efficiency, manufacturing process, reduced operational carbon footprint, and longer life spans are product features we take into consideration when designing and deploying solutions.
  • OCS reuses existing hardware whenever feasible. This not only reduces waste, but also reduces your expenditure. We also encourage clients to donate any operationally redundant hardware. This is not only environmentally friendly but also socially responsible.
  • Hardware and components that cannot be reused or repaired can be recycled. Recycling enables the recovery and reuse of valuable materials and it also ensures toxic materials are not buried in our landfills. OCS partners with local certified recycling companies to properly dispose of electronic waste.”

Please contact OCS if you have any further questions regarding our Environmental Commitment.

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