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Work Anywhere

I love the fact that I can work from almost anywhere at any time.

You might ask – why would you want to do this? If you work in a customer satisfaction-driven service industry like I do, you want to be able to respond quickly to customer queries and resolve issues in a timely manner. You don’t want to be limited to working only in a particular location at specific times. You want to be able to take care of business anywhere and anytime.

I enjoy being able to sit in my kitchen on a Saturday morning with a freshly brewed coffee, finishing up some paperwork that I couldn’t get done Friday afternoon. I didn’t want to miss that family dinner because I had to stay at work to complete that proposal. Sure I’m working outside the traditional 9-5 but I’m working when I want to, where I want to - and that lowers my stress level and gives me better work/life balance.

I am able to start a document on my desktop at my office, continue to work on it on my laptop on the train, finish it on my tablet in my den and review it on my phone – all using native Windows applications and keeping the document in its original format.

The enabler behind all this is cloud computing and now especially: tablets, Microsoft Windows 8 and OneDrive. All my devices are connected and up to date – my apps, my data and my identity. You can accomplish this on many different platforms and devices but no-one has as seamless an experience as Microsoft. If you haven’t tried Windows 8 and OneDrive - do it now and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!

John Krikke
Onward Computer Systems

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